Visualizing Public Radio With KPCC Visual Journalist Grant Slater [VIDEO]

May 9, 2013

KPCC's Instagram feed showcases photos from the field, highlights from their coverage, and more.

Post updated May 16 with resources from the webinar:

"Social photography is nothing less than a creative revolution."

That's taken from a blog post by KPCC visual journalist Grant Slater on the new blog AudioVision. Slater is part of a team of journalists exploring what public radio looks like in Southern California.

A lot of those explorations are taken not by schlepping around heavy camera and video equipment. Instead, it is through the camera that you probably have in your pocket right now: a phone.

Slater recently joined us to talk more about how KPCC uses mobile photography and sites like Instagram to connect with community and tell stories visually. Rewatch the webinar and find even more resources and tip sheets linked below.


Highlights (based on the video timestamp)

  • 9:00 What I’ve learned about Instagram, the pluses and minuses
  • 13:30 Managing the Instagram accounts; who gets access
  • 17:00 Setting up a workflow for getting photos from Instagram account to another; aggregating hash-tagged photos 
  • 20:20 What should you Instagram?
  • 23:40 Connecting with your community on Instagram
  • 33:10 How to take better photos
  • 39:45 Recommended apps for taking/making photos
  • 49:00 Are there best practices for hashtags on Instagram?



This webinar is part of an occasional series where we'll explore how reporters and stations can reach new audiences and cover arts and culture in different ways with online tools and out-of-the-box thinking. Check out Exploring arts and culture through digital storytelling for more.