We’re taking the first steps to simplifying your NPR digital sign-in experience!

Jul 2, 2018

This information was shared with NPR Member Stations in a webinar on Wednesday, June 20. You can watch the webinar, too.

Simplifying NPR Sign-ins

As we introduced the Digital Network, we talked about the importance of unifying fragmented audience experiences. But behind-the-scenes, we know that station partners also have a fragmented experience. Often, completing a series of related tasks using NPR tools requires manually moving data between multiple systems, each of which has its own sign-in, user interface, and rules. Streamlining your experience is a critical component of building the Digital Network.

The first step to connection

On July 2, we released a new sign-in system on StationConnect, that over time will allow you to use one username and password to sign onto all station tools. As that happens, you’ll need to remember fewer and fewer passwords in order to manage your content and relationship with NPR across platforms. For more information on the whole project, and how it fits into the Digital Network, review our June 20 webinar.

StationConnect is a good candidate to test-drive our new sign-on because it’s less involved in daily content management tasks than some of our other tools. We want to make sure that this sign-on is working exactly as we expect before we roll it out to all the station tools that you use every day.

What To Do

If you never use StationConnect, you don’t need to do anything! You’ll continue using all of the passwords that you have right now. If you do use StationConnect, you can wait until the next time you need to access the tool. The system will recognize you and send you to the correct next step.

Do you share a StationConnect sign-in with other colleagues at your station? Everyone at your station who needs to access StationConnect should have their very own account. Sign up for an account or reset your password on NPRStations.org.

How It Will Work?

The next time you need to sign in to StationConnect, it will check to see whether you have a new sign-in. Simply enter your email address to get started.

Step One of the new Single Sign-On process.

Then, you'll enter the password you normally use for StationConnect and NPRStations.org.

Step Two of the new Single Sign-On process.

Then, we'll ask you to verify (or edit) your full name and title.

Step Three of the new Single Sign-On process.

Once you successfully confirm your information, you’ll receive an email from our new system that asks you to set a new password. Follow the link and set your password, and [poof!] you’ll be directed back to StationConnect. 

The next time you visit StationConnect, we’ll recognize that you’ve already created your new password. You’ll use it from then on. We’ll let you know when you can start using it on other platforms, too.

You’ll still need to use your old password on nprstations.org, so don’t forget it. (And yes: we realize the irony of a single sign-on project adding yet another password to your list. But this will be temporary!)

What if there’s a problem?

If we have a problem converting your existing StationConnect sign-in to our new system, we will automatically create a support ticket for you. You’ll hear from someone on our Station Relations team within 48 hours.

You can find help materials for StationConnect sign on inside our Support Center. You can also submit a support ticket if you have any questions about signing into StationConnect. (More irony! The Support Center still requires its own password to create a support ticket. We have a lot of systems to connect once we get through the initial proof-of-concept on StationConnect, and the Support Center is one of our top five.)

So that’s it! We’re excited to be embarking on this project, and thank you for your part in it.