Web Clip: What, Why, and How

Jun 8, 2012

Frictionless curation meets Core Publisher and makes: Web Clip. 

WHAT: As implied by its name, a web clip allows you to give your audience context around external content. With web clips you embed content from other sites onto your site and explain why you think the story is important for your audience.

WHY: We wanted to give you a quick and easy way to create more content--less time formatting in the admin,  more time to work on your own original reporting. Curation is all about finding quality content from elsewhere and sharing it with your audience. They'll come to see you as a trusted aggregator and it will build your credibility. It's also an easy way to generate some extra quality content for your site.

ORIGINS: Inspired by conversations with Core Publisher practitioners, the Digital Services editorial team, and the Argo team and Argo bloggers, we chose to create a streamlined admin with as few fields as possible for seamless publishing.

Additionally, Web Clip will allow for:

  • greater variability on river homepages and aggregate pages (like category, tags, and people pages)
  • blogging breaking news
  • easy blogging around retrieved stories

HOW TO: Once you find an article you want to share with your site visitors, grab the URL. In Core Publisher you are required to provide a title, and lead-in text, where we expect you to explain why the content is important. After you click the “embed” button, you can edit the description and choose whether or not to display the primary image. Also, if you found the content through another source (e.g., a person you follow on Twitter or a colleague in your newsroom), use the "via" field to give that person credit. On your site, "source" and "via" will show up side-by-side in the web clip.

NOTE: This is the first iteration of this feature. Right now Web Clips are not being ingested into the API, are not in your RSS feeds, and are not showing up on the modular homepage. We look forward to AND EXPECT lots of great feedback from you on how to make this tool better for you and your audience.