What is Core Publisher? Here's a Demo.

Mar 16, 2012

Are you looking to change your current CMS or are you on the PI Platform? Check out Core Publisher.

Note: If you are a Public Platform, Newsroom, or Arts user, we will need to migrate you to Core Publisher by the end of September 2012, as NPR Digital Services will no longer support these modules.

Core Publisher enables you to easily manage your station web site, freeing up valuable resources so you can focus on creating content, building audience and generating revenue. In the last six months there have been significant enhancements and improvements made to Core Publisher, with a road map for further innovation. Core Publisher was developed with a specific mission in mind to:

  • Put local news content front and center
  • Provide basic support for station marketing and membership needs
  • Encourage best-practice underwriting options
  • Leverage NPR content assets
  • Create Once, Publish Everywhere

See the full demo and review presentation and discussion here.

What's covered:

  • Core Publisher development process
  • User Centered Design that increases audience and engagement
  • Various layout options to support digital strategy
  • Leveraging the NPR API