WordPress API Plugins Updated

Oct 23, 2018

Over the last month we have released updates to both of our API WordPress plugins.   Both releases include a number of bug fixes, improved usability regarding configuring the plugin, and support for PHP 7 and WordPress 4.9.  The updated versions of the plugins, along with FAQs and documentation, can be found in GitHub, WordPress.org, and via the plugin admin in WordPress sites. 

See: Public Media Platform on WordPress.org and NPR Story API on WordPress.org.   

Details about the NPR Story API plugin:  

  • Fixes issue preventing pushing to the API, introduced in V1.7. 
  • Fixes issue where images were not properly sideloaded. 
  • Fixes invalid GMT offset error when creating new DateTimeZone object in post metabox. 
  • When interacting with a site using the plugin in an unconfigured state, users will be prompted to set the NPR Story API Push URL.
  • Miscellaneous code quality improvements.

   Details about the PMP plugin:  

  • Adds support for PHP 7.
  • Removes support for PHP versions before 5.5, and sets a Requires PHP: 5.5 flag in readme.txt.
  • Add support for WordPress versions up to 4.9.
  • Allows sites to unset credentials in the plugin admin. 
  • Changes the default environment of the plugin to the sandbox environment: new installations of the plugin will not automatically use production credentials but must be configured to. 
  • Improved test coverage. 
  • Improved documentation for installation through channels other than WordPress.org.