Your City Made a Top 10 List. Now What? [VIDEO]

Sep 18, 2014

When Dallas' skyline was voted best in the world in a contest, KERA's Eric Aasen wrote an interesting post compiling striking skyline photos and facts about how the skyline came to be.
Credit Flickr/SeanPinto

Do you live in the coolest city in the country? The most expensive? The least expensive? Or somewhere in-between? Rankings, Top 10 lists, surveys, state-by-state data — there's a lot of information out there about where your town stacks up.

In a webinar on Thursday, September 18, we discussed how to cover lists and rankings in a meaningful way. Boise State Public Radio's Emilie Ritter Saunders and KERA's Eric Aasen joined us to explain their own methods for covering these types of stories and shared some of their favorite examples.

Watch the video:

Some examples Emilie shared during the talk:

Why More Idaho Moms Breastfeed Than Anywhere In The U.S.

Map Shows Boise County Has Highest Hate Crime Rate In The Nation, But It’s Wrong

Bottom Rung: Living On Low Wages In Idaho

The Things That Draw People To Boise (And What Pushes Them Away)

Some examples Eric shared during the talk:

Dallas Is Voted The World’s Best Skyline

Dallas Is The Worst Outdoor City In America, Outside Magazine Declares

Texans Are Very Proud: Most Say Texas Is The Best Place To Live In The Country

In North Texas, You Need To Earn $17-$18 An Hour To Afford An Apartment