Your Guide to #NPRKnight Social Media Training

May 3, 2013

Time to Tweet
Credit via MDGovpics (CC-BY)

Welcome to the social media part of our training! This page has everything you need to guide you through the next three weeks, so bookmark it, and email Teresa if you have any questions at 

The next three weeks will focus on the practical ways you can use social media for reporting, audience growth, story mining and content creation. 

May 6-10

The first week of social media training focuses on making the most of your station's Facebook page. We also begin our Twitter contest, which you can learn more about here.

On Friday, we will be holding an optional Twitter chat with special guest, WBUR business and technology reporter Curt Nickisch. Here's how to join.

We'll also kick off our Twitter scavenger hunt/contest on May 8. Are you excited? Because we are. There are even prizes. Read how to win here.

Webinar: How to Make the Most of Your Station’s Facebook Page 

Want more people to like, share, comment on and click through your station's Facebook page? This webinar provides practical tactics you can take to make your Facebook pages more effective. Trainer: Teresa Gorman.


How to Make the Most of Your Station’s Facebook from NPR Digital Services on Vimeo.


Making the Most of Your Station Facebook Page from nprdigital


Create two different Facebook posts that would be posted on a station or show's Facebook page. Send us either a link to the post on Facebook, a screenshot of the post, or write a draft and send it in an email to

#NPRKnight Twitter Chat (Optional): Friday, 2-3 p.m. ET

#NPRKnight Twitter Scavenger Hunt Begins May 8. 

More Resources:  Want to learn more about the overall social media marketing side of 

May 13-17

This week, we'll talk about how to put social media and your community to work for you to find story ideas. We will also update you on who's leading the Twitter contest.

Webinar: Mining Your Social Media Community for Story Ideas  

Utilize your social media community on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit to find sources and

 story ideas for on-air and online. Trainer: Eric Athas and Teresa Gorman



Assignment: Find one story idea by searching social media.

Search around Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and YouTube. Click here for some tips on how to do this.

E-mail your story idea and how and where you found it to by end of day Thursday. 

Example: In the last round of #NPRKnight training, reporter Briana O'Higgins story idea was picked up by popular blog Jalopnik. 

May 20- 24   

The final week of social media training brings it all together. Our webinar this week covers why -- and how -- to create content people will share.

Webinar: What Types of Local Content do People Share?

Success with social media is much more than just optimizing your station's Twitter and Facebook pages. It means creating content that people will want to share. So, what types of local content do people share online and on social media? Learn about the different types and tactics for creating engaging content. 
Trainers: Eric Athas, Teresa Gorman, Will Snyder


9 Types of Local Stories that Cause Engagement from NPR Digital Services on Vimeo.



Assignment: Tweet a Curiosity Stimulator story for the #NPRKnight Twitter Contest.