API Basics

Here's our collection of introductory lessons about the NPR API.

NPR Content APIs 101 - APIs in a nutshell

Apr 27, 2018

With APIs at the core of NPR’s digital strategy, delivering everything from station content in NPR One to NPR stories in the new NPR app, we want to improve station understanding of how APIs work and what story APIs NPR supports today.

How do I Query the NPR Story API?

Feb 22, 2013

This post explains what a query is and how to use it with the NPR Story API.

Searching vs. Browsing Station API Content

Feb 21, 2013

Core Publisher sites now have the option to access content from other stations, however there are some limitations. While you can browse another station's content, you cannot search for it.

API 101: What is an API?

Feb 21, 2013

Before you begin using the NPR Story API, you might be wondering what an API is and how it works. We've put together a handy guide to provide you with some of the more basic concepts of an API and we'll share the reasons as to why it's an important tool for your station and npr.org. 

Javaun joins Lee, Nick and Keyvan of Mash This to talk about the various challenges of extending the National Public Radio experience beyond the radio; and more importantly, building digital platforms for the news and entertainment media in general.

NPR API Content Permissions Control

Sep 26, 2012

Of all the services and platforms provided by Digital Services, the NPR Story API provides the most fundamental value to stations, allowing digital access to NPR content and to station content. The Story API is used by both NPR and stations to contribute and consume local and national news stories.

In an effort to provide stations with more control over the content they contribute to the API for broader distribution, NPR Digital Services is pleased to announce content permissions control in the NPR story API.

Content Sharing with the NPR API