Core Publisher Updates

We will not be holding our bi-weekly sprint review webinar this afternoon.

And an update on recent work, which will go live the evening of Wednesday, May 8.

The following updates were made to Core Publisher this week:

Audio Fix

We have expanded the group of stations testing a fix to improve the processing of audio in posts. The fix is now live on Michigan Radio, State of Opportunity, WWNO, WBFO, WRTI, KBIA, and KCUR (Thank You!)

Thanks to the real-world testing by these stations we uncovered and fixed a defect in the update causing audio to break on aggregation pages such as category, program and topic pages.

We will not be holding our bi-weekly sprint review webinar this afternoon. All fixes and features will be going live via hotfixes over the next few days. In addition, some of the work covered in this sprint does not require a code change.

Regression Tests

Post Form Redo--The Details

Oct 24, 2012

This evening we will be pushing our latest feature on Core Pub, the updated Post Form. I will be adding FAQs here over the next few days. In the meantime I wanted to make sure every newsroom had the salient information they need to work with the new form.

Please to refer to and distribute these slides as needed, which contain the following information: 

  • How do I make a slideshow? 
  • Which audio will go into my podcast? 
  • How do I edit audio I added the "old way"?

And as always, please contact us with any additional questions, comments, or feedback. We are all ears. 

This week we pushed several updates to Core Publisher, including:

  • Permission controls for local content added to the NPR API
  • Core Publisher Admin Improvements
  • Updated quality control processes

Full details below.

NPR Story API Permission Controls

On Tuesday the team here at Digital Services started rolling out an analytics dashboard for Core Publisher. There's a lot of data displayed (beautifully displayed, we should say) and we're going to take a minute to explain why we chose these numbers and how they can help you in your day-to-day editorial process.

A Two-way Street


These features and more were added to Core Publisher last week:

  • You are no longer restricted to placing all your images at the top of your posts.
  • Asset Placement now allows you to place images throughout your post, where they make sense for your story.
  • Web Clips will now flow into the local news & category areas on the Modular Homepage when published.

Details below:

Asset Placement v.1.0 Now Available!

You may now place images within the body of pages and posts.