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The question that KQED Science Interactive Producer Jenny Oh probably hears the most about Google+ is some iteration of  "Why should I spend time on this?"

Taking News Training to the Next Level

Sep 13, 2013
Todd Mundt, NPR

  The NPR Digital Services/Knight Foundation Digital News Training is quite likely the largest training initiative ever undertaken in public media.

Over nearly two years, forty-seven stations have participated in our 11-week intensive training, and our news trainers have conducted on-site trainings at eight stations. In addition, NPR DS weekly webinars have reached about 1,800 participants at 245 member stations. (All of our webinars are archived, available for you and your team at any time.)

9 Types of Local Stories that Cause Engagement

Aug 8, 2013
Russ Gossett

When you come across a story about your town, city or state, what makes you want to share it?

Congratulations #NPRKnight Summer Contest Winners

Aug 1, 2013
JohnWiechecki/Flickr Creative Commons

It was a tough contest, but someone had to reign supreme. Congratulations to the #NPRKnight Twitter contest winners, honorable mentions and to everyone for making it through 11 weeks of training!

(Read more about the contest:  "How the #NPRKnight Contest Works.")

Without further ado, our winners:

Russ Gossett

Here at NPR Digital Services we've conducted a study to determine the 9 types of local content that cause the most engagement and sharing. Go here for background on the study including results.

Designer Russ Gossett created an infographic that you can print and tape to your cubicle or desk. Find that here.