Email Marketing Best Practices

If you are moving off of the NPR DS Salesforce Marketing Cloud onto a new Email Service Provider (ESP), it is important to ensure you are only importing active email addresses into your new solution to avoid serious deliverability issues.

To help with the transitions, we’ve outlined two key pitfalls, and actions you can take to avoid them.

In Email, Reputation is Everything

SMC Sunset: Email Features

Jun 29, 2017

For stations evaluating email marketing solutions, we’ve outline features to look for and ask about. Ultimately, the cost of the solution you select will depend on factors such as your list size, the volume of email you send, the number of users who will need to access your account, and the level of advanced features needed.

Below, we’ve broken out the features being used by stations using our Salesforce Marketing Cloud service between those most commonly used, and those more advanced features used by few stations.

Most commonly used features: