Live Blogging


The NPR Scoop newsletter recently summarized the many ways NPR is covering Ebola, including work with station journalists and newsrooms. KERA in particular has been all over the story on-air and online since the first patient to be diagnosed with the disease in the U.S. showed up in Dallas.

How Lean Newsrooms Cover Breaking News

Jun 16, 2014

  Size is often considered an impediment to covering breaking news, but several newsrooms are using their resources strategically to provide information for the breaking news audience in times of crisis. In this webinar with West Virginia Public Broadcasting reporter Ashton Marra and KUNC digital media manager Jim Hill, we see key attributes of lean newsrooms that cover breaking news well. 

KCRW Uses Tumblr to Take on South by Southwest

Mar 13, 2014
Emily Alfin Johnson/NPR

Last weekend, tens of thousands descended upon Austin, Texas for the start of the 2014 South by Southwest Festival. The nine day event, which continues through March 16, is a huge operation. It features musical performances at more than 100 venues, highly anticipated TV and movie premieres and even an interview with NSA leaker, Edward Snowden

Mastering the Art of Live Blogging [VIDEO]

Mar 29, 2013

When we see "Live Blogging" on a page we're conditioned as news consumers to automatically think "breaking news" or "big story." (We've become Pavlov's news dogs.) Live blogging is a technique that has proven to be effective at delivering content the way our audience wants it--quickly and with multiple dimensions. As a newsroom, though, the prospect of live online coverage of an event can seem daunting. Fear not, we'll walk through how, when and why to live blog so that it can become a part of your coverage arsenal.

But first, let's define it.