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Social Media Marketing [VIDEO]

Feb 27, 2013

 In this series we will focus on tactical solutions for promoting your station in the digital space.


We've been hosting a series of conversations about audio innovation over the past few weeks, including webinars with Andy Bowers of Slate and Roman Mars, creator of 99% Invisible. Earlier this week, I spoke with Dean Cappello, the Chief Content Officer of WNYC/New York Public Radio. I wanted his perspective as someone who has years of experience producing audio, as well as overseeing the work of others, including successful shows like Here's the Thing, Radiolab, Studio 360, and On the Media.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch it here. But if you don't have an hour, here are my takeaways from the conversation with Cappello; the paraphrasing is my own.

Use Your Resources Wisely by Aggregating Local, Relevant Stories [VIDEO]

Feb 22, 2013

Aggregation can mean a lot of things. For us, it means just another way to use your resources wisely as you go through a day reporting on your community online and on-air.

A Peek Inside Gene Demby's Digital Life

Feb 20, 2013
Jamelle Bouie

 This month we spoke with Gene Demby.  Demby joined NPR as a blogger for the race, ethnicity and culture team in December. He is the founder of the blog PostBourgie and has spent time at The New York Times and Huffington Post.

Meet Kasia Podbielski

Feb 20, 2013
Kainaz Amaria

Meet Kasia Podbielski, program coordinator for digital news training at NPR Digital Services. Kasia joined the team almost a year ago.  She came to us from the State Department where she was a digital media specialist winning the hearts and minds of international youth one tweet at a time. She took some time to answer questions about herself.

WDET's "Back to Basics" Series and Training Updates

Feb 20, 2013

Happy February all!

This monthly newsletter highlights your digital efforts, provides an inside look at the digital lives of our public media colleagues and lets you know about digital news training opportunities.  We’re putting together resources on digital marketing. Have you used Facebook or Google ads at your station? Email Kasia at to share your experiences (and stay tuned for information about this training).  


Fostering new ideas from concept to reality brings rewards, but it's not without risk.

We talked to Dean Cappello, Chief Content Officer and Senior Vice President of Programming at WNYC about how the station has become a leader in innovative storytelling on multiple platforms. 

Photography and Visual Storytelling [VIDEO]

Feb 15, 2013
Sam Sanders/NPR

In this webinar, multimedia trainer, Kainaz Amaria, takes you on a photographic journey from understanding the fundamentals visual storytelling to what makes a good image and how you can make (not take) better portraits. Kainaz discusses the five types of photographs to use for engaging storytelling, six ways to make a good gallery great and the three most important aspects of an image.

While I can preach the visual gospel over webinars and remote training, nothing compares to the real thing. I recently visited the team at WLRN in Miami, Fl., and want to share some of their great work.

In our first hour-long session we went back to the basics and discussed the fundamentals of visual storytelling. The following day I unleashed these intrepid reporters out into the wilds of Miami. Their assignment: find a visually compelling subject and make a good image.


In the early days, Slate’s podcasts amounted to Andy Bowers reading web articles into a mic. Podcasting has come a long way and has seen its share of experiments. Slate's podcasts, in particular, now have a unique sound that fans love. Their popular podcasts include Political GabfestCulture GabfestHang Up and ListenThe Audio Book Club, and many others. 

I reached out to Andy to talk about innovation in digital audio because the sound of Slate's success is so different from what I hear from traditional public broadcasters. Much of the public radio podcasting space consists of repurposed broadcasts. But if you take a listen to some of the other successful podcasters, you too will hear a difference in sound. There is room on the internet for all varieties. 

Andy Bowers outlined the extraordinary development of Slate's Podcasts in our innovations in digital audio webinar

The Podcast is Dead. Long Live the Podcast! [VIDEO]

Feb 5, 2013

Join us this week as we kick off our new weekly webinar series. 

This Thursday, February 7:   The Podcast is Dead. Long Live the Podcast! The podcast is experiencing a renaissance.  Slate has been exceptional in this field, developing a large and loyal following.  Andy Bowers, Executive Producer of Slate Podcast, will explain how he developed the right sound for Slate's podcasts. 

KatieKrueger / Flickr

This session examines techniques for webifying your radio story for the online audience. We also explore what makes a great web-native story.

Consider asking yourself the following three questions when deciding what content you want to post online: 

1. Who is my audience?
2. What is most relevant?
3. What is the best use of my time? 

If you're looking for some inspiration, take a look at the work of some of these excellent journalists in broadcast:

A Peek Inside Linda Holmes' Digital Life

Jan 17, 2013
Mito Habe-Evans

This month we spoke with Linda Holmes. Linda Holmes writes and edits NPR’s entertainment and pop-culture blog, Monkey See.


Meet Kainaz Amaria

Jan 17, 2013
Nick Oza

Meet Multimedia Specialist Kainaz Amaria.  Kainaz has been with NPR since December 2011. She took some time to tell us a little bit about herself.  

KBIA's "My Life, My Town" Project and Training Updates

Jan 17, 2013

Hello and happy New Year! This year, we look forward to highlighting your station success stories, providing an inside look at the digital lives of our public media colleagues and expanding our training series to help you stay on top of digital storytelling. 

Do you have a New Year's resolution for your station's continued digital news success? Email us so we can help you stay on track.

Core Publisher Users: What's Your Twitter Handle?

Dec 18, 2012

We're adding new functionality to Core Publisher so your shares to Twitter appear in the new Cards format. Cards allows Twitter to display your content in a rich media environment - with a photo, for instance. It's a more compelling experience and we're excited to make the stories you publish in CP work with cards.

A Peek Inside Robert Krulwich's Digital Life

Dec 13, 2012
Jessica Goldstein

As part of our monthly newsletter, we'll talk with people involved in public media about how they wade through the digital news deluge.

This month we spoke with Robert Krulwich. Krulwich is a science correspondent for NPR.  His blog, “Krulwich Wonders” tackles the wacky and weird world of science. He also co-hosts Radiolab. He kindly took some time to answer our questions. 

Meet Ki-Min Sung

Dec 12, 2012

Meet Digital News Specialist Ki-Min Sung.  Ki recently returned back to us from maternity leave.

Ki, congratulations and welcome back! What's new?

Russ Gossett

Here at NPR Digital Services we've conducted a study to determine the 9 types of local content that cause the most engagement and sharing. Go here for background on the study including results.

Designer Russ Gossett created an infographic that you can print and tape to your cubicle or desk. Find that here.

Russ Gossett

Here at NPR Digital Services we've conducted a study to determine the 9 types of local content that cause the most engagement and sharing. Go here for background on the study including results.

Designer Russ Gossett created an infographic that you can print and tape to your cubicle or desk. Find that here.