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The new NPR One Dashboards let you access detailed metrics on each piece of audio content that you put into NPR One in a way that has never been possible with broadcast metrics. By learning to use this data you will have the tools to make better curatorial and editorial decisions for NPR One, broadcast and beyond. There are two key actionable metrics on the NPR One Dashboards:

This post is part of an ongoing series about new tools in NPR One. If you've missed any of our recent posts, catch-up on the latest updates: Making NPR One more localLaying the foundation: your Station Page in NPR One, Seeing and hearing your top podcasts more often.

“Differentiating between all our shows vs. true podcasts is very promising. We look forward to seeing how users react to determine how and how often we curate” 
– Emily Alfin Johnson, VPR 

Our goal with the explore tool and for NPR One more generally, is to encourage listeners to sample shows so that we can determine what they like, and deliver more often. These positive listening experiences lead to more frequent returns and longer sessions.

"As a smaller station, I appreciate prominent station branding so listeners can get to know us better” – Rachel Hubbard, KOSU

Your Station Page should do just that: allow listeners to get familiar with your station, or dive deeper into your brand and content.  

It starts with your logo, display name and tagline. As listeners scroll down the page, they can quickly access a your top content or live stream of your station on  

Making NPR One more local

Jan 12, 2017

As we've discussed in this forum and at the Super-Regional meeting in November, a key aspiration of the NPR-Member station compact is to create a stronger digital network. This goal is built around the strategic imperative that NPR and stations can forge a more coherent audience experience, deepen engagement, gather richer data and drive revenue by working together to build, feed and promote a common set of digital platforms and services.  

When I was programming a station, anytime a big news event caused a listening spike, I’d think about what I could do to keep those new listeners. This election has resulted in a big influx of new listeners to both NPR One and your terrestrial signal. Now we need to keep them.

Newscasts overall perform really well in NPR One. But, here are a few things we’ve learned recently about how you can make the most of your local newscast in NPR One.

1.       They are shorter than 5 minutes long. There is a sharp drop in performance once newscasts get over 5 minutes in length.

NPR One Webinar - Local Content Workflow

Dec 12, 2014

Jennifer Strachan presents this interactive webinar on how your fellow stations are working with their local content in NPR One and ideas about adjusting workflow. This webinar is for stations that are already working with NPR One and want to improve workflow, and for stations that have yet to start adding local content to NPR One.

Editorial Guidelines & Content Specifications

Jul 23, 2014

NPR One Editorial Guidelines & Content Specifications

We have partnered with advisory group stations and members from the station community to provide you with editorial guidance and specifications to help you create your content for NPR One.  There are 4 content areas/buckets that stations will have the option to create local content for in NPR One.  Please see a brief description for each content type , as well as a link to the full editorial guidelines and content specifications for each below. Read more about the content flow...

Editorial Help - Hello Guidelines and Recs

Jul 23, 2014

In an effort to create an immediate local tie with each listening experience, this important lead element tells the listener that “it’s YOUR STATION on NPR One.”  This local branding is a key element of the “Hello” message, which is then combined with a highly produced national greeting and introduction to NPR One.

The Opportunity

Editorial Help - Local Segmented Audio

Jul 22, 2014


Your locally-produced segments are a critical piece of the NPR One experience and provide the greatest opportunity for a meaningful connection to the listener.  From news and topical pieces, to longer, contextual features, the mix of national and local segments hopes to provide something for everyone, with the added benefit of listener control. This is the place in NPR One to highlight your best features, audio postcards, and short interviews.

Editorial Help - Newscasts

Jul 22, 2014


Just as your local newscast is critical in communicating timely and relevant information to your broadcast audience, it is of equal value to your listeners in NPR One.  The local newscast will immediately follow the national NPR newscast and is the first experience, after the Hello, of truly connecting with your local brand and content.

When a listener comes to the player, NPR One will look up and play your most recent newscast.  To ensure the best listening experience, every newscast will play for two hours and then be removed.

Editorial Help - Sonic IDs

Jul 22, 2014

For the purposes of these guidelines the term “Sonic ID” is interchangeable with “Local Voice” and “Sense of Place” spots and segments.   We understand that the term “Sonic ID” does not accurately define every type of segment that might be included.  The term is used more broadly for the purposes of this player.

The Opportunity