NPR One Updates

As we work to enhance the local station presence on NPR One, we’re revisiting audio branding. In particular, how audio branding could be improved throughout the NPR One experience to help you introduce your station and your service to your listeners.

Station Hellos

"As a smaller station, I appreciate prominent station branding so listeners can get to know us better” – Rachel Hubbard, KOSU

Your Station Page should do just that: allow listeners to get familiar with your station, or dive deeper into your brand and content.  

It starts with your logo, display name and tagline. As listeners scroll down the page, they can quickly access a your top content or live stream of your station on  

Making NPR One more local

Jan 12, 2017

As we've discussed in this forum and at the Super-Regional meeting in November, a key aspiration of the NPR-Member station compact is to create a stronger digital network. This goal is built around the strategic imperative that NPR and stations can forge a more coherent audience experience, deepen engagement, gather richer data and drive revenue by working together to build, feed and promote a common set of digital platforms and services.  

Newscast expiration control, .WAV now accepted, and improved branding in NPR One

Jul 15, 2016

NPR One Newscast Expiration Options

Newscasts overall perform really well in NPR One. But, here are a few things we’ve learned recently about how you can make the most of your local newscast in NPR One.

1.       They are shorter than 5 minutes long. There is a sharp drop in performance once newscasts get over 5 minutes in length.

local station


NPR One listeners are significantly younger than our traditional broadcast audience: 40% are under 35 years old.

31% of NPR One users claim they are not broadcast radio listeners. 27% of NPR One users say that they listenmore often to your station as a result of listening to NPR One.

Make sure your branding is how you want it in NPR One, so listeners in your area know who you are.

NPR One Release Notes 9/26/14

Sep 26, 2014

Below is a detailed list of new features you will be seeing in the app & StationConnect as of today:


  • New builds rolled out for Android v1.1.1.5 and iOS v1.1.1. Users will be reminded to update their app.


NPR One Release Notes 9/12/14

Sep 12, 2014

We’re very excited to report that we have released several updates to NPR One since our Soft Launch in July.  Below is a detailed list of new features you will be seeing in the app & StationConnect as of today:


  • Chromecast released 8.26.2014 
  • New builds are rolling out this week for Android v1.1.1.5 and iOS v1.1.1
  • Expanded Content/Suggestions Search - Highly requested enhancement, using the search icon will now allow you to search for more generic keyword terms.