SAS Launches Improved Audio Downloads Measurement

Oct 16, 2018

Today, we are launching new and improved interactive reports and measurement technology for audio downloads - stations can now access the analytics that they need. Reliable and accurate measurement and analytics of audio downloads is critical to prove the value of your news, storytelling and podcasts.

On Demand audio measurement works very similarly to webcast measurement.

We need to access your logs to process them for On Demand metrics, via a FTP account where we can download the logs nightly. Please note these are not the same logs used for SoundExchange reporting nor live streaming measurement - these are on-demand specific files.

Here are some frequently asked questions around the Station Analytics System (SAS):

Q: What is SAS?
A: SAS is the Station Analytics System –it’s comprised of two main parts: the Tag Management System (TMS), which generates a custom analytics tag for all your pages, and dashboards showing your station’s site and stream metrics.