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Social Media
9:16 pm
Thu March 7, 2013

Succeed on Twitter by Listening to Your Community

Credit flickr/cc/woodleywonderworks

Last week, we asked people to give one Twitter tip to #NPRKnight journalists. The answer was clear: listen, listen and then listen some more.

Social Media Marketing
12:06 pm
Wed February 27, 2013

Social Media Marketing [VIDEO]

Credit flickr/mkhmarketing

 In this series we will focus on tactical solutions for promoting your station in the digital space.

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12:02 am
Fri February 22, 2013

Share Your Top Twitter Tip With #NPRKnight Journalists

Start a tweet with @NPRKnight to avoid annoying your followers. And don't forget the #NPRKnight hashtag!

Update February 29:

The Twitter chat with journalists in public media and #NPRKnight participants was a great discussion that included tips on using lists, finding story ideas and more.

A key theme that popped up was the importance of listening on Twitter.

Stay tuned for future chats on Twitter and other social media, and don't forget to say hello over at #NPRKnight.

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12:52 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

Everything You Need to Know About #NPRKnight Social Media Training

Time to Tweet
Credit via MDGovpics (CC-BY)

Welcome to the social media part of our training! This page has everything you need to guide you through the next three weeks, so bookmark it, and email us if you have any questions.

The next three weeks will focus on the practical ways you can use social media for reporting, audience growth, story mining and content creation. 

February 25- March 1

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Social Media
11:39 am
Mon February 4, 2013

What Radio Talk Shows Can Teach Us About Engaging With Our Audience Online

Credit On Point, Facebook

This is NPR has a post about the secret sauce that makes a great call-in radio show, based on best practices at NPR’s Talk of the Nation, WBUR’s On Point, and NHPR’s The Exchange. Among the ingredients:

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9 Types
11:15 am
Thu November 29, 2012

9 Types of Local Stories that Foster Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

Credit Russ Gossett

Here at NPR Digital Services we've conducted a study to determine the 9 types of local content that cause the most engagement and sharing. Go here for background on the study including results.

Designer Russ Gossett created an infographic that you can print and tape to your cubicle or desk. Find that here.

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1:10 pm
Mon November 26, 2012

Assignment: Find a Story Idea Using Social Media

This post has been updated for the Summer 2013 NPR Knight training group.

The assignment for week 2 of NPR Knight social media training is to find one original and locally relevant story idea by searching around on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and YouTube.

E-mail your story idea and how and where you found it to by end of day Thursday. 

(Using a Tweet or post from a local newspaper or other media outlet does not fulfill this assignment.)

Here are some tactics to use when searching for story ideas:


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Social Media
8:20 am
Tue November 20, 2012

Mining Social Media for Story Ideas [VIDEO]

As we've said before, social media is great for sharing your own station's content. It's also a valuable tool for finding story ideas. Here are 11 examples of stations using social media to create content.

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Social Media
12:32 am
Tue November 20, 2012

How Public Radio Reporter Kirk Siegler Uses Twitter to Reach New Audiences [VIDEO]

NPR reporter Kirk Siegler.
Credit courtesy Kirk Siegler

NPR reporter Kirk Siegler used to think Twitter was a "huge messy throw-up of something that didn't make a whole lot of sense." Then came the summer of 2012.

Siegler, who recently left member station KUNC for a new position at NPR, shared how he went from Twitter skeptic to Twitter user during that summer and answered questions from other reporters in a recent webinar. Read below for highlights, the video and slides. 

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Social Media
3:42 pm
Fri November 16, 2012

How to Make the Most of Your Station's Facebook and Twitter Pages [VIDEO]

UPDATE: April, 2014

This webinar is out-of date. Refer to Facebook's media guides for the most updated best practices for getting started on Facebook.   

Refer to Twitter's news guides for the most updated best practices for getting started on Twitter.  

To make the most of a station’s Facebook and Twitter pages for news, take a step back and evaluate what’s working and what’s not. 

The editorial team at Digital Services does assessments of stations’ sites and social media before working with them for news training, but you don’t need to wait for us to do an assessment. 

In a recent webinar, we shared what to look at initially,  and the deeper questions to ask to continue to build a community and audience on Facebook and Twitter. The video, slides and summary are below.

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