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News Training
8:00 am
Thu June 7, 2012

Why Stations Should Reimagine Their Digital Plans for the Social Era

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Humans have always wanted to share certain types of information with other humans. The social delivery of news — whether it's through e-mail, online communities or in person — is not anything new. 

What is new is the continued explosion of Facebook (it's closing in on a billion active users). Facebook has provided us with the power to share like never before, which is why stations need to think about social like they never have before.

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Social Media
3:46 pm
Thu May 31, 2012

Fresh Air's Melody Kramer on Social Media: Don't Over-Think it, Be Polite and Have Fun [VIDEO]

Fresh Air Associate Producer Melody Kramer presented to member stations as part of NPR Digital Services Knight Foundation training

Below are the following: Melody's slides, a video recording of the presentation and a Storify of the live tweets.

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Social Media
6:47 pm
Tue May 29, 2012

Three Twitter Success Stories From KCUR, KETR and WSKG

As part of a Knight training exercise, reporters are keeping a close watch on Twitter as a way to generate story ideas. We heard from three journalists who discovered news through Twitter and used it for reporting and programming.

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Social Media
10:17 pm
Thu May 17, 2012

The 7 Steps to Twitter Dominance [VIDEO]

How do you build an audience on Twitter? How can you use it to spread your content to new places? How can you get your stories in front of influencers? This video covers the 7 steps to Twitter Dominance.

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Social Media
9:48 pm
Thu May 17, 2012

The Social Life of an On Point Show [VIDEO]

We take you through the social media process of WBUR’s On Point.

Please note: some of this information and directions may be outdated. Much of it has been updated in our new series on digital strategy for public radio shows. If you have any questions, please email You can find the latest, here

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Social Media
2:25 pm
Thu May 10, 2012

How Stations Can Use Social Media [VIDEO]

Our weekly webinar series continues over the next three weeks with social media. We will cover tactics for building your online community, making your content more shareable and using Facebook Subscribe for reporting. We will also have Fresh Air's Melody Kramer guest presenting during our third week.

(Editor's note: These webinars have concluded, please find links to the recordings below.  Updated June 2012)

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Facebook Timeline
5:06 pm
Thu March 22, 2012

Facebook Timeline is Coming March 30 -- Is Your Station Ready?

Have you upgraded to Facebook Timeline yet for your station or show pages? As of March 30, every page on Facebook will be automatically moved over to the Timeline format.

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Geotargeting Experiment
5:40 am
Tue March 20, 2012

Knight News Challenge Entry Aims to Expand NPR Facebook Geotargeting Experiment

A geotargeted post on NPR's Facebook page.

Following the success of an experiment in which we geotargeted local KPLU content on the NPR Facebook page, we have submitted a Knight Foundation News Challenge proposal for a tool that will enable us to expand the test.

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News Training
10:30 am
Fri February 10, 2012

How We're Experimenting With Member Station Content on NPR's Facebook Page

Example of a KPLU story geofocused on NPR's Facebook page.

NPR’s Facebook page and its 2.3 million-like audience is made up of users from thousands of cities across the world. We wondered: what if we focused on just one city?

The question arose after identifying a somewhat obscure Facebook feature that allows anyone with a Facebook page to customize posts by location. This means, for example, that you can post a story about Boston and modify it so that only users in Boston will see it in their Facebook feed.

Last October NPR Digital Services and Digital Media used this tool to launch an experiment with member station KPLU, in which we shared selected content on NPR's Facebook page, but only for the eyes of the Seattle region (KPLU's market). Four months into this experiment, we’ve made some unexpected discoveries around Facebook communities and the power of localization on a national platform.

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