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In this month’s newsletter you’ll hear about our final Knight-funded conference, how West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s digital transformation helped them cover a massive water crisis, learn about the daily workflows of NHPR’s Brady Carlson and KUNC’s Erin O’Toole, and take a peek into the digital life of KPLU’s Martha Kang. Have something to share for next month? Let us know – email kpodbielski@npr.org or tweet us a hello @NPRDS.

Is there a world renowned professor at a nearby university? How about a famous local chef? A local filmmaker, artist or writer? The people who make up your community don't have to just be sources in stories — they can be part of the storytelling process. This is the idea behind Cognoscenti, WBUR's new ideas and opinions site. The site is made up of contributors from Boston's community of thinkers and influencers.

In this webinar we had a conversation with Iris Adler and Frannie Carr Toth, who run Cognoscenti.

The Social Life of an On Point Show [VIDEO]

May 17, 2012

We take you through the social media process of WBUR’s On Point.

Please note: some of this information and directions may be outdated. Much of it has been updated in our new series on digital strategy for public radio shows. If you have any questions, please email DS-Editorial@npr.org. You can find the latest, here

Think back to recent presidential caucuses, primaries, conventions, general elections and inaugurations. What sticks out as the most poignant memories? I bet there's an over-the-top hurrah. A concession speech. A convention speech.