Wordpress API Plugin

Announcing V1.7.1 WordPress Story API Plugin Release

May 4, 2018

We are pleased to announce the upcoming release (Monday, May 7, 2018) of an updated WordPress plugin (v1.7.1) for NPR’s Story API.  We’ve added new features and a number of upgrades as well, outlined below:  

Digital Services releases new versions of the PMP Plugins

Sep 1, 2016

We're excited to announce that new versions of the PMP Plugin for WordPress and Drupal have been released!

The PMP Plugins can be used to retrieve content from the PMP to add to your site, as well as to send your content to the PMP to share with other stations.

What's new in these versions?

We’re happy to announce that new versions of the NPR Story API Plugin for WordPress and for Drupal have been released and are available for your use!

Why should I use the NPR Story API Plugin?

NPR Story API Plugin can be added to your WordPress or Drupal site with minimal technical expertise. This will allow you to easily:

The long awaited Version 1.5 of the NPR API Wordpress plugin is now available.  This one took a while to get it out the door, but it should be worth the wait.  We've added some new functionality and fixed a couple of issues we learned about since V1.4 came out.    

V1.5 of this plugin is available under the main/master branch at https://github.com/npr/WP-DS-NPR-API

The highlights of V1.5 include :

How StateImpact Sites Can Use the NPR API to Share Posts

Sep 3, 2013

We’re implementing a new WordPress plugin to “ingest” StateImpact posts into the NPR API and, thus, your stations’ sites.

Digital Services Releases WordPress Plugin V1.3

Apr 9, 2013

We at Digital Services are happy to announce that V1.3 of our WordPress plugin is now available for your use.  This latest version of the plugin will support the WordPress feature that allows administrators for a multi-site installation to install plugins from one network admin screen and have the plugin available for all of the sites supported by their single WordPress installation.  

V1.3 of this plugin is available under the main/master branch at https://github.com/npr/WP-DS-NPR-API

Announcing the WordPress NPR API Plugin

Apr 1, 2013

Digital Services is pleased to announce version 1.1 of our WordPress Plugin for connecting your WordPress blog with the NPR Story API. This plugin, developed for WordPress version 3.2, provides both push and pull functionality for the Story API.

Digital Services WordPress API Plugin Features

Jan 30, 2013

Digital Services has released a plugin for use with the WordPress content management system.  Released in November of 2012, this plugin will allow stations to interact with the NPR API through easy to configure plugin features that work with the latest versions of the WordPress CMS.  

This plugin is hosted on GitHub https://github.com/npr/WP-DS-NPR-API and available to any user of the NPR API .  To use the plugin an organization should already be set up with NPR API access.