Cover the Election With Core Publisher [VIDEO]

Oct 19, 2012

For stations using Core Publisher, there are several tools that can help you cover the election in a meaningful way.

We went over several of those ideas, and learned how WUSF put them into practice during the Republican National Convention from News Director Scott Finn in a recent webinar. Find the slides, video of Finn's lessons and a recap below.

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The spotlight was on Tampa in August for the Republican National Convention. The news team at WUSF ran full throttle with on-air and online coverage, from the days before the convention, through the hurricane scare and the week of the convention itself. The result? The station broke all its previous website records.

Dispatches From a First-Time Live-Tweeter

Feb 27, 2012

WUSF reporter Bobbie O'Brien live-tweeted for the first time (although you would think she has done this hundreds of times before) earlier this month. During the Florida event — a presentation by Tuskegee airmen -- O'Brien sent 27 tweets and snapped five photos, while simultaneously prepping for her radio story.