Our Analytics Service provides digital business intelligence for NPR stations, answering key questions on audience reach, engagement, content, and monetization. Based on system-wide data, we share key trends, actionable insights, deep analysis, station best practices, and analytics training and support on all of a station's key digital platforms: live streaming, on-demand audio listening, website usage, NPR One, and more. At the core of the service are regular webinars and the custom measurement and dashboards of the Station Analytics System.

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Station Analytics Dashboards Are Now Live

Jun 17, 2013

We're excited to announce the launch of new digital metrics dashboards for stations, with critical data on your site and your streams. Station Analytics presents key metrics on your station's audience growth and engagement - plus the ability to compare your numbers to other stations like you.

There's a lot of good stuff coming from the Station Analytics System these days, so if you haven't yet signed up you can read more about it, but I know you're going to like this new batch of enhancements that are rolling out this week.  In addition to launching dashboards, we are supercharging the data that is in your Premium Google Analytics account by taking advantage of Custom Variables.

Here are some frequently asked questions around the Station Analytics System (SAS):

Q: What is SAS?
A: SAS is the Station Analytics System –it’s comprised of two main parts: the Tag Management System (TMS), which generates a custom analytics tag for all your pages, and dashboards showing your station’s site and stream metrics.

Google Analytics: Rollup Account Tips and Tricks

May 9, 2013

If you have decided to take advantage of the station roll-up feature in the the Station Analytics System (SAS) here are some helpful hints on how to create and setup the web property in Google Analytics.

Login to your Google Analytics account and click into the Admin section. Once in your account you will see your current properties in the first tab.  You'll want to click +New Property to get started.

Six Steps to Site Tagging in the New Station Analytics System

May 6, 2013

Having trouble getting setup in the Station Analytics System?  Not sure what you need in order to get started?  Follow the steps below to get your station up and running on the new system and start benefiting from the new tracking tag today! 

Creating a Login at :

Metrics Spotlight: What is keyword “(Not Provided)”?

Apr 23, 2013
Confused Stormtrooper
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You may have noticed something cryptic in your keywords reporting - "(not provided)".  This item has been creeping up in the ranks for many sites and is now in the top slot for many of our stations.  Wondering what this is and what you can do about it?  Well, here's some background:  The keywords that visitors typed into search engine are usually added to the referring url so that they can be captured by Google Analytics for search engine referrals.

Why Reporters Need to Understand Analytics [VIDEO]

Apr 16, 2013

Knowledge is power. A cliche, yes, but it's something that many digital newsrooms forget about when it comes to studying analytics. Or maybe they're selectively ignoring the numbers. Is it because the audience might be too small? Or that story they invested huge resources in is only managing a few retweets and likes on Facebook?

NPR is undergoing a Webcast Metrics measurement project in order to move to a common system for measuring the larger digital audience. NPR Digital Services is facilitating this project by working with stations on setting up measurement accounts for all NPR Member Stations. Triton Digital was chosen as our vendor and partner in this process.

Great tips on how to set up your Google Analytics account

Feb 28, 2013

Getting started with Google Analytics is pretty simple, but maintaining accurate reporting can get complicated. Using the Station Analytics System can help you tackle tagging issues but this has some great tips on setting up profiles and filters that will keep your data clean and accurate.

Sign up for Webcast Metrics

Feb 26, 2013

With mobile and desktop streaming on the rise, it’s essential to know how many people are listening to support your revenue and audience goals.

 To initiate set up your stream measurement, please send an email to your streaming vendor to authorize NPR DS and Triton Media access to your log files.  Plus, request the access details to expedite the setup. Below is a list of what you will need your CDN to provide for us to complete the set up:

Free Google Analytics Training Available On Demand

Nov 16, 2012

Looking for some basic training about the metrics available in Google Analytics? Wondering which report will help you to find the answers that you need? Hoping to find help on how to customize your tracking? Find all of that and more in a series of video tutorials available directly from Google. I highly recommend that Station staff who are working with or interested in GA complete "First Steps", "Interpreting Reports", and "Fundamentals." Broken up in to short videos that cover specific topics these training resources will make you a Google expert in no time (or under 2 1/2 hours).

Unveiling the Station Analytics System

Oct 26, 2012


We're excited to announce the launch of a new Digital Services offering: Station Analytics. Its purpose is to provide stations the best business intelligence on your site and your streams, so you can measure your digital performance, benchmark your progress against other stations, and discover insights that support your decision making for all things digital.


The Station Analytics system provides:

Wonder how GA real-time metrics are different from Chartbeat?

Oct 25, 2012

From time to time I've gotten questions about why stations would need Chartbeat now that there are "real-time" stats in Google Analytics. Here's a link to an infographic where Chartbeat does a great job of answering that question and making it clear why you need both.

Dark Social Rises?

Oct 19, 2012

This is an interesting take on how our social metrics may be failing us, by undercounting the sharing that happens outside of social media. Still, I wouldn't start assuming that all of your direct traffic is actually "Dark Social" until you take a look at your campaign tracking strategy; it could be your email newsletter or your RSS feed that's sending this "direct" traffic... or it might actually be Aunt Marge sending you a link.

When Digital Services embarked on our quest to create a mobile web experience for stations, we had a simple theory: If we optimize the user experience for small screens by focusing on what our mobile audience needs most, we should see mobile engagement increase. (Read about why we focused on mobile web.)

With a few dozen stations now using our new mobile web product, the initial results are in: Engagement with stories is up and the amount of listening is skyrocketing.

Streaming via the mobile site has more than tripled. That's the biggest headline when we look at data from 20 of the stations that have been using the new mobile web experience.

Station Analytics System now available – October 25 webinar

Oct 11, 2012

Please join NPR Digital Services' Steve Mulder and Michelle Bellettiere on October 25 at 3 p.m. ET., as they introduce you to our new system that will provide better tagging and measurement across sites and streams. We recommend this session to anyone who supports or manages your station's digital presence.

On Tuesday the team here at Digital Services started rolling out an analytics dashboard for Core Publisher. There's a lot of data displayed (beautifully displayed, we should say) and we're going to take a minute to explain why we chose these numbers and how they can help you in your day-to-day editorial process.

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