Uploading Syndicated Show Data to NPR/DS

Syndicated show playlist data files must be submitted to NPR Digital Services (NPR/DS) using the FTP account that PI will provide to show producers upon registration. Producers can then upload playlist files to NPR/DS at any time and will receive automated feedback via email regarding the success or failure of file processing.

Required Playlist File Format

Before submitting data files to NPR/DS, please ensure that your file matches our required syndicated show playlist file formatting. Data not in the proper format cannot be processed and will not be accepted for SX reporting purposes.

FTP Clients

To upload files to the FTP account provided by NPR/DS, show producers will need to use an FTP client, which is a piece of software for connecting to an FTP server and transferring files. There are number of such clients available, either for pay or for free.

  • FileZilla – Recommended (and used) by NPR/DS; free for Windows or Mac
  • SmartFTP – Pay, for Windows
  • WinSCP – Free, for Windows
  • Fetch – Pay, for Mac

File Processing and Automated Responses

The FTP account that NPR/DS provides is a dropbox, meaning that once a file is uploaded, it cannot be deleted or downloaded; it will seem to “disappear.” It doesn’t – we promise!

What happens is that the file is grabbed by an automated process on NPR/DS’s servers which will attempt to read and process it and, ultimately, provide feedback via email to the designated show contacts about whether the file could be processed fully or partially.

There are three possible outcomes once a file is uploaded to NPR/DS:

  1. The entire file is processed successfully. In this case, designated show contacts will receive an email saying this and reflecting the show dates for which playlist records were processed.
  2. Some records in the file were rejected due to data formatting errors, e.g., if an end time is before a start time or a show date is in an incorrect format. In this case designated show contacts will receive an email stating this and including the records which could not be processed. Producers can then fix the problems and submit a revised file (see below).
  3. No recordsin the file could be processed. In this case show contacts will not receive an automated email (since the automated process could not read the file or identify which show the file is associated with). However, NPR/DS staff will be notified and the NPR/DS SoundExchange Project Manager will follow up with the show producer. Possible causes of this are:
    • An incorrect file format, i.e., you upload an XLS file
    • The first row in the file is not the header row containing field identifiers, or incorrect fields identifiers are used
    • An incorrect Program Title is used (which must match the one that NPR/DS provides at the time of registration).

If you submit a file to NPR/DS, but the designated show contacts do not receive any sort of automated email response within a day, please contact the NPR/DS SoundExchange Project Manager to see what happened.

Submitting Revised Files

In the case where some records are rejected during processing because of formatting errors, the automated feedback email will indicate which records have problems. Producers should then fix the problem records in the source file and resubmit the entire file via FTP, not just the corrected records.

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