Attracting Eyeballs Requires More Than a Strategy; it Requires Commitment

Sep 18, 2012
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Jennifer Strachan from KPLU shares her stations' experience with making the often painful and necessary changes to see success emerge with digital innovation. A couple of key things I took from this article: 1. Follow data and best practices; not your gut. 2. Your station's digital experience may not look exactly like your on air experience; that's okay. 3. Fancy tools won't help you succeed; your station's commitment to execute will. 4. Be open and quick to change course when you know something isn't working.

Source: Current Via: Jennifer Strachan

At KPLU, Seattle's dual-format news/jazz station, an early gamble to take a decidedly different approach to online news has paid off with quick growth and unexpected insight. The process began in earnest in 2009 after we learned what can only be described as a "hard lesson": Think twice before undertaking a ground-up overhaul of your digital platforms without substantially more resources than you expect to need.

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